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"We want people to stop thinking we are the Evil Empire."


"The Home of the Bold and the Brave."


Positioning, Organising idea, Internal workshops, Office redesign and build.

In the face of the phone hacking scandal, News UK (owner of The Times, Sunday Times and The Sun) asked us "How can we stop our people thinking we're the Evil Empire?" We worked with the leadership team, carried out cross-departmental interviews and led creative workshops to develop a core Purpose for the business. We came up with an organising idea, called 'The Home of the Bold and the Brave', and then redesigned the 13th floor of the organisation's new corporate HQ to bring this idea to life.


The floor became dedicated to the stories of extraordinary men and women who have done amazing things while working at News UK's titles and a focal point for the whole organisation. The idea was then applied to the company’s annual celebration of staff excellence (which became the Bold & Brave awards), and also became the theme for external News UK events, such as their sponsorship of AdWeek Europe.

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